what is a correct score bet

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what is a correct score bet

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п»їCorrect Score Betting Tips.
Are you looking for winning Correct Score Betting Tips to help you make a chunky profit from your betting? We have had winners at odds ranging from 40/1 all the way up to 360/1. On an average day the odds of our correct score tips will usually be around 90/1 so a ВЈ10 bet would return over ВЈ900.
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What Is Correct Score Betting?
With Correct Score betting you are trying to pick the exact final score of a football match. Rather than simply picking a team to win you need to also correctly predict the exact number of goals each team is going to score in the game. This means that you will get much better odds due to the complexity of the bet. As an example, Man City to beat Watford might be available at odds of 1.50 (1/2) - however, Man City to win 3-0 may be at odds of 8.00 (7/1) which offers much better value.
How To Pick Correct Score Bets?
Correct score bets are very difficult to predict consistently however if you use a methodical approach you can narrow down the number of options. Firstly you need to narrow down whether or not you think both team will score in the match as if you think they will then this will remove all the win-to-nil options like 1-0, 2-0, etc. Once you have made a decision on BTTS it is then time to decide on the number of goals in the match, we tend to look at whether it will be over or under 2.5 goals. Finally we need to combine our goals and BTTS thoughts with who we think will win the game. As an example using the Man City vs Watford game mentioned above - Chance of BTTS = Yes, Chance of Over 2.5 Goals = Yes, Likely Winner = Man City, this leaves us with the follow best predictions 2-1, 3-1, 4-1. You can either use your own judgement at this point or potentially could look at any previous meetings or previous winning margins to narrow the selections further. As Man City normally win by more than one goal at home the 3-1 prediction would be most likely. As you can see it is a fairly long process - which is why having an algorithm do it for you is beneficial. Use our tips above to save time and win more correct score bets.
Best Way To Use Correct Score Tips.
Using the above correct score tips in singles is an obvious option given that the average odds will likely be around 7.00 (6/1), however, the most profitable way of doing may actually be to build out some multi bets and accumulators. Personally, we like to combine them into Correct Score Doubles, as these are lower in risk and can have odds around 49.00 (48/1) which wins ВЈ480 from a ВЈ10 bet. Another option we like to employ is to pick five correct score tips and combine them as doubles. This will create a ten line bet, so ВЈ1 a line will have a ВЈ10 total stake and you only need two out of the five to come in for a decent profit, any more than two winners will deliver a huge profit. If you are really confident you can go for trebles for average odds per line of around 343.00 (342/1)!
What is a Correct Score Double?
A Correct Score Double is when you select two correct score picks and back them together to create a higher odds bet that needs both correct scores to be correct in order to win. These can be very attractive for punters as the returns can be very high however, the risk is also very high as well so don't invest heavily in these selections.
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What Is Correct Score Betting?
Correct score betting is a simple to understand soccer betting term but one of the hardest to predict betting markets. The odds are very high for this soccer bet and there is a unique level of fasciation about it that makes it so popular. A win on a correct score soccer bet can mean a big payout on your stake. So if you want to make correct score tomorrow matches, you should know what it actually means and what factors are involved.
What is Correct Score Soccer Betting?
If you want to place and win a correct score tomorrow bet, you should be able to accurately predict the final score of the soccer match. You will have to make the prediction accurately without any error. It is different from a straight match bet where the outcome is a Home, Draw or Away. You will be predicting the possible score at the end of the match.
This soccer betting market makes matches even more thrilling for bettors. Since it is extremely difficult to predict with accuracy, the odds are high. So, it is an attracting betting market from both the perspective of the returns and the excitement.
Why You Have the Edge in Soccer?
Betting on correct score tomorrow in soccer is considered to be easier than in other sports like cricket and rugby. The reason is simple – soccer is a relatively low-scoring sport. The final scores in other sports can be wide ranging.
Placing Correct Score Bets.
It is recommended to follow these tips when placing correct score bets in soccer:
Determine the match you want to place the bet on Do research to get an idea of the kinds of outcomes the match can have There is no room for your personal bias or feelings in predicting correct score of a match The bookie is going to present multiple potential outcomes of the match with their odds Some bookmakers may also allow you to place a bet on a possible correct score that may not have been listed.
It requires in-depth research to make accurate predictions for correct score tomorrow bets. So it is best to get the help of an experienced tipster .
How to Win at Correct Score Soccer Predictions?
It is recommended to follow these tips to increase your chances of winning at this soccer betting market.
i. Rely on the Best Odds.
‘Odds’ is the first factor to consider when making prediction on this betting market. When you use poor odds, it means getting into a disadvantageous situation. Correct score prediction usually offers better odds compared to other soccer betting markets. At the same time, you can do a little search to find the best-possible odds. For example, you may find odds from 7.00 on a favorite result with one bookie. At the same time, another bookie may offer odds of 8.00. Even if you place a small bet, the differences in potential winnings can be huge.
So follow these points when looking for the best odds on this betting market:
Make sure to compare the odds Avoid the temptation to choose the first odds you come across Bet on the highest-possible odds available.
ii. Check Recent Results.
Similar to other soccer betting markets, it is important to take recent match results and team forms into account. This will give you an excellent idea of the potential outcome of a game. If the home team has shown consistent wins and the other side has been struggling regularly in away matches, you can come to a conclusion that the home team scores a higher number of goals.
Next, you can look for any consistency in scores of the home team in their past 6 games. Thus, you should consider the following factors when making the accurate correct score tomorrow estimate:
The overall form of both the sides The home form of the side playing at home The away form of the side playing away.
iii. Bet on the Favorite Side.
Next, you should consider betting on the favorite team between the two. This is again similar to the above-mentioned point. You may want to bet on the 1Г—2 market on the favorite side because the odds will be in your favor. However, the correct score market offers much greater odds compared to the 1Г—2 bet.
So if you want to bet on the correct score tomorrow market, it is recommended to follow these tips:
Bet on the favorite side Avoid betting on the visiting team Avoid betting on matches with uncertain result.
iv. Choose Lower Leagues.
If you have knowledge of minor leagues, such as English Football League, French League 2, or other lower tier leagues in European or other regions, you can use it to your advantage. This is because the odds on smaller leagues can usually be much higher.
You should consider betting correct score tomorrow on some smaller league if you follow it closely. It may be possible that you follow one or few teams in such lower-tier leagues. Winning correct score bets in these leagues can help you win bigger returns.
v. Bet on Clubs with Strong Defenses.
If you come across a match with a side that has an excellent record in preventing the other side from scoring, it may be a good choice for correct score betting. It is often easy to see that one team is not likely to concede even a single goal. It will help you predict one side of the betting market with much more reliability.
If you can identify matches where one side is highly likely to maintain a clean sheet, it is best to consider the correct score bet. Then, all you will have to do is to predict what the other side is likely to score.
So consider all these points when making correct score tomorrow predictions. It is a simple and straightforward soccer betting market, but one of the most difficult to predict as well. So you should take all these factors into consider to increase your chances of winning.

Correct Score Bet Explained.
A correct score bet is a straightforward prediction of what the final scoreline of a football match will be. Variations are found in other sports events, such as the Set Betting market for tennis matches.
Table of Contents.
What is a Correct Score bet?
In the correct score market for a football match, the bookmaker presents the punter with a long list of possible options. These will range from the most common returns such as the 1-1 draw, 1-0 or 2-1 victories right through to the rarities of things like a 6-1 victory for a team.
The correct score bet isn’t just linked to the actual score. You don’t pick a 2-1 result and it applies to either team winning by that margin. A correct score bet has to be the exact scoreline for the team you select to win by that scoreline. Obviously, if you predict a scoreline that is a draw, that doesn’t apply.
How does a Correct Score bet work?
For a big Merseyside derby of Liverpool v Everton you go and look at the Correct Score market. Perhaps the shortest priced option is the 1-1 draw (it commonly is so) at 6/1 odds, but you think Liverpool can get the win at Anfield in a tight game, so you predict a Liverpool 2-1 correct score.
That is the only outcome, a Liverpool 2-1 scoreline, that will pay out. There will be no returns if Liverpool win the match but not by that exact scoreline. So if they win 2-0 for example, the bet is lost. Also if Everton won 2-1, then the bet still loses because while the scoreline was right, the result in the match wasn’t correct.
That is why in the correct score market you will see options listed as Liverpool 2-0, Draw 1-1, Liverpool 2-1, Everton 1-0 and so on, so you know the scoreline is tied to the outcome.
The odds in the Correct Score market are generous. That is because you are trying to make a forecast that is a difficult thing to do. You could back a home win for Liverpool at 1-0 scoreline because Liverpool have been earning a lot of clean sheets. But something unpredictable like them conceding a penalty can throw that bet out of the window. It is a very unpredictable market at the best of times, with the probability of predicting the correct score low.
Winning example of a Correct Score bet in Football.
Going back to the Merseyside derby, you back Liverpool at 7/1 for a 2-1 victory and you play a ВЈ1 stake on the bet. At the final whistle, Liverpool have indeed secured a win by exactly a 2-1 scoreline. You are paid out at the full 7/1 odds for an ВЈ8 return (including ВЈ1 original stake).
Losing example of a Correct Score bet in Football.
Liverpool were selected to win 2-1 in their game against Everton. Things didn’t go to plan for your bet, as Liverpool did win the match, but they posted a 3-0 victory. Despite them winning, the bet loses, as you get nothing for the predicting the outcome of the match alone. That exact correct score has to be there and because the result was not a 2-1 win for Liverpool, the entire stake is lost.
How does a Correct Score Double work?
You are able to build a correct score double. However, you can’t select two different correct score options from the same match in one bet. Your two Correct Score selections have to be from different games.
For the correct score double then to win, you have to have the exact outcome of both of predicted score lines come good. You will return nothing from the bet at all if just one of the selections are correct. If the bet wins, the returns from the first leg are multiplied by the second to calculate winnings.
So for example, if the first leg was a 5/1 winner (6.00 decimal) and the second a 6/1 (7.0 decimal) winner from a ВЈ1 stake, that would be a ВЈ42 return. 6.00 x 7.00 = 42.
Correct Score Strategy.
Correct score bets are very difficult to get right. There is just so much unpredictability in a game of football. A simple strategy for correct score betting is to stick with the most common results. Take a look at a league table for the season and the stats for the most frequent score lines to get guidance.
You will commonly see that results like 1-1, 1-0, 2-0, 2-1 are the most popular, along with a 1-2 away win. So you can see from the score lines that home wins are favoured the most. So look for a strong home team and narrow down the options to the most common ones.
Can you place a Correct Score Accumulator?
It is possible to play a correct score accumulator. It works just the same as any other type of acca. You select your picks from different games and for an accumulator, you are looking for at least four different correct score predictions. The odds in the bet will be cumulative, meaning that they are multiplied together to give you your odds payout. So while the difficulty in getting the bet right is high, a small stake could be risked against the potentially large odds.
How to place a Correct Score bet on Bet365?
The first thing to do is find the match for which you want to play a correct score bet on at Bet365. Once you have browsed to the game, right at the top of the market listings for that game you will see Full-Time Result and Double Chance markets. Directly beneath that is the correct score market. The market is operated by sliders. You move the home team slider to the value of how many goals you think they will score in the match and do the same for the away side. You will see the represented odds change as you move the sliders. Then click the odds to put the selection in your bet slip to place the bet.
About Lee Jackson.
Lee has built a vast working knowledge of different bet types, betting systems, probability and all-important experience. His experience within the betting industry extends to over a decade of researching and writing betting guides. Understanding the statistical and mathematical side of betting is something that fascinates Lee. The study of statistics and implied probability in odds are factors that he finds engaging and important to understanding the inner workings of the practice of betting.

Correct Score Prediction & Picks.
Get all the information you need for placing bets on correct score Market.
Correct Score Tips for Today.
Tottenham vs Chelsea.
Tottenham 0-2 Chelsea at 8/1 with 10 Bet.
SC Farense vs Santa Clara.
SC Farense 2-1 Santa Clara at 9/1 with Betway.
Belenenses vs FC Porto.
Belenenses 0-3 FC Porto at 15/2 with Bet365.
Braga vs Portimonense.
Braga 3-0 Portimonense at 8/1 with 888sports.
FC Famalicao vs Moreirense.
FC Famalicao 2-1 Moreirense at 15/2 with Ladbrokes.
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Correct Score 4th Feb 2021.
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Correct Score Betting Tips.
Correct Score bets are some of the most popular football bets to place, and yet they are also some of the hardest to get right. As a result, the odds – and potential rewards – when you do can mean a decent pay-out in your favour.
What is a Correct Score Bet?
A Correct Score bet, unsurprisingly, is a single bet on the final score of a game. As mentioned, it is one of the hardest bets to get right, but as a result you will get good odds on each selection.
Usually, the odds are shorter for lower scoring games – 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1 – and they increase gradually as you bet on more goals being scored.
Why bet on Correct Score?
While they are the hardest to get right, and you can often be waiting for some time for a payout, thanks to the increased odds available for a correct score bet the payouts are often well worth waiting for.
Providing you bet sensibly, you only need a handful of correct scores to payout each season to finish the year in profit and, as we will cover below, there are plenty of ways to improve your odds of getting a correct score bet right.
Correct Score Tips: Bet types and how to improve your potential returns.
It is difficult to correctly predict the exact score of a football match, but there are many ways you can improve your chances of placing a successful bet. Study the form, look for games where less goals are likely to be scored and look at leagues where match outcomes tend to be easier to predict. Let’s take a closer look…
What to look out for when betting on Correct Score.
One of the first things you do when betting on the correct score of a football match is avoid picking games where you think plenty of goals will be scored.
Of course, the bigger scorelines will return greater odds and more potential profit, but there’s a reason for that – it’s less likely to be successful. Even if you think a match will be a one-sided affair, with one team dominating, there are so many different variations of how that scoreline – even if you predicted the outcome (i.e. a big win for one team) correctly – could look. Anything, really, above a 3-0 win would be considered a big victory. Will the team step off the gas after building such a lead? Will the opposing team snatch a consolation? The number of scorelines that would be considered ‘high-scoring’ are vast, whereas if you correctly pick a low-scoring game, there are only really four outcomes to look out for.
Low-scoring matches.
Study the form book, and if you have found two teams playing each other who tend not to score – or concede – many goals, you have a good starting point for a successful correct score bet.
For starters, a game with few goals will finish one of four ways – 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 1-1. If you are correct in predicting the low-scoring game, there is a one-in-four chance, effectively, that you will then have picked the correct scoreline too.
The odds are lower for those scorelines, but given 1,782 matches finished 1-0 to either side in the first 25 years of the Premier League – no other outcome occurred more than 1500 times – you can see there are going to be more payouts. For the record, in that period, 1,140 finished 1-1 and 828 were goalless draws.
However, we would advise normally looking away from the Premier League (see below) due to the more unpredictable nature of the league compared to some of EuropeРІР‚в„ўs other top divisions.
Correctly identifying a low-scoring match also offers the chance of a consolation should you bet through Bet365 too – we’ve detailed how to take advantage of their "Bore Draw Money Back" offer below.
But where should you be looking for these low-scoring matches?
Regimented leagues.
The Premier League is often viewed as being the best league in the world, by commentators prone to hyperbole, thanks to its unpredictable nature. High-scoring games are common and, as many managers like to point out ‘anyone can beat anyone’. Of course, that bit is true for every league, but in the Premier League it seems to ring true more often.
Instead, you need to find leagues where low-scoring games are common – the German Bundesliga, for example. With teams known typically for their organised defences and regimented formations, just less than 25 per cent of all matches played before the winter break in the 2017/18 finished either 1-0 to the home team or 1-1.
Both teams to score; over 2.5 goals in match.
Another popular type of football bet is a combined BTTS/over 2.5 goals in match bet, and when predicting the correct score a 2-1 win is another result worth betting on.
Indeed, in the first 25 years of the Premier League as we quoted above, the second most common scoreline was 2-1 – occurring 1,455 times.
If you choose the BTTS/more than 2.5 goals in match bet, you will likely get slightly lower odds than if you specifically back a team to win 2-1 – and yet it is a relatively common scoreline.
In La Liga, 14 per cent of matches in the 2017/18 season – at the time of writing – finished 2-1 to either the home or away team, while in the Scottish Premiership that total goes up to more than 18 per cent; on average, that means one team every weekend in the Scottish Premiership will win a game 2-1. And yet you can still get odds of around 8/1-9/1 of the favourites winning 2-1 in a typical Scottish Premiership match market.
Picking a 2-1 scoreline can also keep your bet alive for longer than if you back a 1-0. No matter who scores first, your bet still has a chance of winning. ItРІР‚в„ўs no use if it ultimately fails, but nobody wants to be reaching half-time or even earlier on match day having already had to tear up their betting slip.
Pick a score, and stick with it.
Once you have identified the potential low-scoring games, it is best to stick with a scoreline when placing correct score bets.
Sure, the chance of every game you bet on finishing with that scoreline is extremely low, but some are likely too at least meaning you will get at least some payouts if you pick your games well. Constantly change your predicted score around and, in actual fact, you are reducing the probability of your correct score bet coming off.
How can you take advantage of Bet365РІР‚в„ўs Bore Draw Money Back Offer?
We have already mentioned the bonus of a consolation if you pick a low-scoring game through Bet365.
Bet365 offer money back on any Correct Score, Half-Time/Full-Time or Scorecast bets if the match in question finishes 0-0. So if you have correctly identified a low-scoring game, that ends up finishing goalless, you will get your money back at least – even if your 1-0 Correct Score bet is therefore not successful.

Correct Score Betting – Stats, Tips & Predictions.
Correct score betting is a very straightforward bet type where players must predict the exact full-time score in a match. With high odds reflecting the difficulty that comes with such a precise bet, we will give you all you need to make the best possible correct score bet predictions.
What's in this article.
Best Bookmakers for Correct Score Betting.
Where Can I Find Correct Score Predictions?
If you are keen on placing on a correct score bet and want to know what the experts are thinking, there are plenty of third-party correct score prediction sources , such as Kickform which do the statistics-checking work for you. These sites compile all the correct score statistics and trends together expert intuition to help you make your bets and benefit from the best correct score odds.
You can also access correct score predictions on your mobile with specific apps such as Correct Score Tips which is available to download via the Google Play store.
How to Make Correct Score Predictions?
We recommend breaking down the process into a series of steps to eliminate the less favourable chances of a score from your prediction. You should start by thinking about whether both teams are likely to score . In this way you can decide whether you will go for a win to nil , bore draw, or BTTS prediction (and eliminate other options). Once you have done this, you should try and estimate whether a match is likely to have over/under 2.5 goals . This figure is typically used as the benchmark when predicting the number of goals in a match. The final step is to decide who will be the likely match winner .
Taking these steps into consideration can help you make a more accurate prediction. For example, if in a match between Chelsea and West Ham you think that Chelsea is likely to win the match, that both teams will score, and there will be over 2.5 goals, then the most likely outcomes will be 2-1, 3-1, 4-1, or 3-2. In this way, you have narrowed down the options of the potential final score . Using this method together with our other tips listed below can greatly increase your chance of making more reliable correctscore bets.
What are Correct Score Statistics?
Looking at market statistics when considering making a correct score bet is one of the most important things you can do because statistics provide completely unbiased information based on actual events. There are several sites providing correct score statistics but two of our favourites are TheStatsDontLie and 1x2Stats .
These pages give you an updated snapshot of the correct score statistics across the top soccer leagues and let you sort through the home and away form of individual teams. In first 28 games of the 2019/20 Premier League season 12% of all matches finished 1-1 whilst 10% of all matches finished 2-0 in favour of the team playing at home.
Looking more specifically at the individual teams, Sheffield United, for example, won 1-0 in 26% of their home matches, whilst a whopping 28.5% of Liverpool’s matches at Anfield have finished 2-1 in favours of the Reds. When looking at losing sides, we can see that Southampton lost 2-1 in 21.4% of matches on the road while Tottenham almost to that same score line 28.6% of the time away from home.
From the above data, we can therefore see that placing a correct score bet on Liverpool to beat Southampton 2-1 when the match is played in Merseyside might prove to be a more reliable bet with both teams having trends of finishing on either side of that result.
Correct Score Betting Tips.
We've compiled a list of some of the best correct score tips to help you make the best correct score bet possible.
Do Your Research.
When placing a bet, doing proper research is crucial to making an informed decision and increasing your chances of winning. As we mentioned earlier, you should always look at statistical information to see past correct score results and look for notable trends. In addition to this, you should also take into consideration other important factors such as a team’s current form, head-to-head results, team news (including injuries and suspensions), and teams with a strong defense – all of which can make a big difference to your correct score bets.
Go For The most Likely Outcome.
Low scoring matches are more likely to occur than higher scoring ones with a scoreline of 1-0 being the most common . If an underdog manages to stage an upset, it also be highly likely that they will do so with a low scoreline. As a general rule in correct score betting, you should avoid games where plenty of goals are likely to be scored as this makes the final score very difficult to predict.
Final scores of 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, and 1-1 are considered to be low scoring matches so finding two teams which have a track record or scoring few goals can give you a 1 in 4 chance of being successful. Despite having lower correct score odds, when in doubt, we recommend going for a low final score. In the first 25 years of the English Premier League, 1,782 matches finished 1-0, 1,455 matches finished 2-1, 1,140 matches finished 1-1 and 828 matches finished goalless .
Look at Other Leagues.
Different leagues have developed their unique own style of soccer . Some leagues are known for having teams who play on the offence and go for many goals while others tend to have teams which play more conservatively. The German Bundesliga , for example, is known for having fewer goals scored compared to other top European leagues, which makes it ideal for correct score bets . The statistics sites we mentioned earlier show up to date information on many leagues and we definitely recommend exploring different leagues when making a correct score bet.
Play the Long Game.
Our next correct score tip involves betting on both teams to score . The reason for this is that betting on BTTS can actually keep your bet alive for longer . If you predict a 2-0 scoreline and the other teams bags a goal early on, then your bet is lost straight away. Going for a 2-1 scoreline, for example, will keep your bet valid even if the other teams manages to sneak a goal in.
Boost Your Bet.
If you manage to beat the odds and win your correct score bet, naturally you are going to want to receive the highest payout possible . Thankfully, there are several ways of increasing your overall winnings. Firstly, you need to find the best odds . Different betting sites offer different odds for different markets. Shop around and find the best correct score odds so that when that fateful day comes that you make the right prediction, your payout will be as high as can be .
Betting sites offer lots of different and exciting promotions which you can take advantage of to boost your correctscore winnings. For example, Bet365’s Bore Draw Money Back offer is great to use for correct score betting because it virtually refunds you if one of the most popular outcomes doesn’t come through. Look around for the best promotion and remember to always read the terms and conditions .
If you are feeling exceptionally confident about your correct score prediction for one particular scoreline, you should consider pairing this selection with an accumulator to greatly increase your odds and potential winnings.
What is a Correct Score Bet?
As the name implies, correct score betting involves predicting the final score of a match . This type of bet is very simple to make and is offered by virtually all top betting sites. The bookie will provide a list of all the possible score outcomes for you to choose from e.g. 0-0, 1-0, 3-1, 2-2 and so on, up to a certain number. For even higher (and less likely) match scores which are not listed, the bookie will provide an ‘Other’ option which you can select if you are correct score prediction involves many goals.
Correct score betting is much more difficult that other types of bets because to be successful you will need to be extremely precise in your predictions . To make up for this, the correct score odds are usually very high and lucrative . The reasoning as to why someone would choose a correct score bet over, for example, a typical match winner bet, is that even though there is a lower probability of you winning your bet, once you actually win a bet, the large pay-out could be well worth the wait .
Whilst it is impossible to be 100% sure of the outcome when making your correct score predictions, as we have seen in this article, there are several tips and tricks which you can use to increase your chances of placing a winning bet.

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